Anyone can become a shareholder, it's simple! The minimum entry amount is £5,000 - with this amount, you can acquire shares and enjoy monthly benefits from the real estate.

We earn on Rent

  Due to the excellent location of our apartments, they enjoy full occupancy throughout the year. Direct access to the beach, great infrastructure, and numerous attractions appeal to tourists, allowing us to guarantee a remarkable 10.6% return on investment annually.
  Our experienced on-site team takes care of the rental management and coordinates the processes, allowing you full freedom and mobility without directly involving you in property management.

CyprusInvest - About us

You don't need any real estate market experience to invest with us. Our expertise and commitment will allow you to safely invest your money in a reliable investment.

How to start

  Our company enjoys a high level of trust. During this time, we have built, sold, and managed luxury apartments.
  The current offer is aimed at investors who want to secure a guaranteed profit through the extraordinary charms of Cyprus. We will guide you through the entire investment process, which will culminate in your official inclusion on the shareholders' list of CyprusInvest. We guarantee a minimum annual return of 10.6%, paid monthly into your account.

Sale of shares

  We care about the comfort of shareholders, so regardless of the situation - you can resign from investing in our company at any time.
  In connection with the above, you are entitled to independently transfer/sell your share/shares to any person or express the intention to sell shares in our company. In such a case, we guarantee the repurchase of shares at the purchase price within 3 months from the notification of our company of such a request. In the event of the company CyprusInvest repurchasing the shares, a 5% commission is charged for this transaction.

Trip for free

We invite individuals who are determined to invest in our real estate to a 3-day trip, the costs of which will be fully covered by CyprusInvest.
In 3 days, we will show you all of our Cyprus properties, introduce you to the local lifestyle, and help you understand why it is so attractive here!
We provide:
- pick-up from Larnaca Airport (LCA) Republic of Cyprus or Ercan Northern Cyprus,
- 3-day free accommodation in comfortable apartments,
- care of our employee throughout the stay.

Your Anti-Inflation Shield

Investing in CyprusInvest real estate offers returns up to 10 times higher annually compared to a bank deposit, while maintaining a very low risk threshold. It is an ideal solution for anyone who wants to prevent their savings from being eroded by inflation.

Investor Plans

Investor Plans

Investor Plans

Investor Plans